Redefine Workplace Benefits

Treat your talent better with a benefit they will love.

Good for your team & your business

Pair a FreedomDoc membership with a low cost, high value healthshare. Prioritize the care your employees can use – and afford – the most.

Easy Scheduling

See your doctor the same day or the next day.

Virtual Convenience

Text or call your doctor wherever you are and whenever you need them.

Local Care

Your doctor will be focused on caring for your employees.

Health Coaching

Put a doctor in control of your team’s health and education.

Mental Health = Primary Care

Doctors look to treat mental and emotional issues as well as illness.

Family Care

Your team can bring the whole family to save time and money.

Companies of all shapes and sizes can have

a FreedomDoc experience

Professional companies

  1. On-demand medical assistance
  2. Physical & mental health support in any location
  3. A stronger work culture

Service companies

  1. Differentiate your benefits
  2. Attract & keep high demand skill sets
  3. Keep employees at work & healthy

Technology companies

  1. Compete with anyone for talent
  2. Cutting edge medical & communication technology
  3. Care at work, home, or while traveling

Education systems

  1. Give educators a new option
  2. Fewer disruptions to staying healthy
  3. Quicker & more affordable medical testing

Entrepreneurs & freelancers

  1. Pursue your dreams without stress about healthcare
  2. Affordable care to keep you in business
  3. Scales with your company
healthcare tech

Health benefits gets an upgrade

  1. Get on-demand care via text or video at no extra cost
  2. Get reminders about lab work, screenings, and vaccines
  3. Easily book appointments and renew prescriptions
  4. Keep your physicians informed about any needs

A FreedomDoc makes benefits easy

Fast Implementation

Since we aren’t dealing with insurance, we can get a plan up and running in no time.

Low Fees

We charge a low $10/month fee to make sure your team is getting the best care and are in the right practices.

Large Footprint

FreedomDocs are proliferating around the country and now you can take advantage of it.

Local & Remote

Physician options are growing. We are confident your team will find doctors they enjoy seeing and trust.

Valued Work Benefit

No longer waste money on useless insurance premiums or near-site clinics that your team doesn’t use.


Custom Consulting

We’ll work with your team to get your team in the right place and provide feedback to your HR team.

Build your custom
FreedomDoc benefit today